J. B. Molière
Scapen's tricks

Comedy of errors

In absence of their parents, Octav, the son of Argant, and Leander, the son of Jeront, while being on their own and being left to servants, are living freely and, of course, falling in love. Now the wedding plans of their parents, who are returning to Naples, not only unraveled, but also are impossible. Octav, fearing his father’s anger, begs Scapen,  for help. After much persuasion, Skapen agrees to help the lovers ...

Acting in the role of Scapen, Moliere endowed this character with temperament, acting, speed of mind, charm, fantasy. These "talents" allow Skapen to juggle with words, effortlessly create any circumstances and turn back problems. Skapen - the embodiment of the game principle of life - here is mimicry, and controversy, and the "incredible case", and reincarnation. Invading the world of calculations and dull lack of initiative, a comedic servant inflates space, changes colors and turns the essence of things. For Skapen, “the impossible almost never happens”, so viewers will watch with interest his wickedness.

The premiere took place on March 27, 2016.

Duration 2 hours (in two acts with intermission)