Diary of the International Festival "TOGETHER" 3rd day

As part of the third day of the First International Theater Festival of Performances for the Whole Family “TOGETHER” on May 17, two shows of the play “What happened to the crocodile” of the Kemerovo Theater for Children and Youth took place on the stage of the regional Palace of Creativity for children and youth.

"Paper Tale" about how good can change the world, artists create together with their small viewers. The production is the winner of the Russian National Theater Award "Harlequin" (St. Petersburg).


“The play “What happened to the crocodile” is one of our theater’s favorite performances and, probably, the most titled. The production is a participant in many festivals in Russia and abroad, it has received many awards. We are very pleased to be invited to Ulyanovsk. This is a very good festival, harmonious, well-organized and interesting. It is important that we can not only show our performance, but also watch the performances of other theaters, which gives impetus to imagination, fantasy and new creative ideas,” said the director of the Kemerovo Theater for Children and Youth, Grigory Zabavin.


The audience watched the production with pleasure, no one was indifferent, neither adults nor children. “There are wonderful spectators in Ulyanovsk. We have been to many places with this performance, and we were pleased that today the children had the maximum inclusion in all the action that took place on the stage. This gives a huge boost of energy. In our performance, viewers are direct participants in the production and today they have helped us a lot, ” said the actor of the Kemerovo Theater for Children and Youth, Maxim Golubtsov.


On the stage of the regional library for children and youth named after S.T.Aksakov have been already two shows of the performance “The Happiest Octopus” of the Ruslan Wolfson Theater. Participants in the interactive production were able to see the underwater world through a specially patented device - Wolfsovisor. This is a magical television that anything can get into. This is a live animation created in real time by the actor - narrator Ruslan Wolfson and the audience.


At the end of the day, the festival guests were able to watch the production of “Father is always right” based on the tale of H.-C. Andersen directed by the CREDO Theater (Bulgaria, Sofia) on the stage of the Ulyanovsk NEBOLSHOGO THEATER.


A touching story tells us about the true value of the simplest things in life. The performance reminds us that only love makes life truly beautiful.


Since the first show, the production has been played more than 180 times, participated in programs of more than 50 international theater festivals, and won 7 international awards.


“We love to play in Russian, the Russian audience is always and everywhere wonderful, it is perhaps the most theatrical audience in the world. I want to thank the festival and all its organizers. There are a wonderful place and wonderful people. We would like to wish the festival longevity. I am personally proud that we will participate in the first festival TOGETHER,” said Nina Dimitrova, the founder, director and actress of the Creed Theater.


The Ulyanovsk audience enthusiastically and warmly accept all the performances of the festival program.