The Tale of the Soldier in love
Based on: 
Russian folk fairy-tales

Ближайшие даты исполнения:

14 February (Sunday) 11:00

The play ‘The Tale of the Soldier in love’ based on Russian folk fairy-tales. It is continuation of the NEBOLSHOY THEATRE’s project ‘Tales of Great Russia’.

A Russian soldier always represents valor, justice and honor. Not without reason the soldier is one of the most popular characters of the Russian tales, which praise his intelligence, savvy and practical wisdom. There are a lot of legends about Russian soldiers, their heroic deeds are well-known and respected around the world.

This is funny and touching story about love. Retired soldier Ivan Tarabanov heads towards danger, helping those who can’t protect themselves, saves villagers from devious Zmei Gorynich. And Love helps him to do it all, to be brave and kind. It’s her who strengthens his determination and boosts his confidence. You’ll wonder, with who did Ivan Tarabanov fall in love? Come and see for yourself!

The play is recommended for family time with children 6-13 years old.