23th of September, 2016 - Festival of national youth theaters and theaters of young spectators "Fairytale Palette" in the city of Cheboksary

Since the 19th of September to the 23th of September, 2016 in Chuvashia, the Festival of National Youth Theaters and National Theaters of Young Spectators “Fairytale Palette” was held. NEBOLSHOY THEATER presented at the festival the production of “Once upon a time from Volga to Siberia” directed by Marina Korneva and was awarded in two categories based on the results of the festival.

For five days, the Chuvash State Youth Theater named after Mikhail Sespel, Mari Republican Theater Center for Children and Youth, Mordovian State National Drama Theater, Kazan Tatar State Theater for Young Spectators named after Gabdulla Karieva with the participation of the critics - Irina Myagkova (Moscow) and Dina Davletshina (Ufa). The festival was held in order to form a spiritual and moral culture of children and adolescents, explore the cultural traditions of representatives of the peoples of Russia, foster a tolerant attitude towards all nationalities, and preserve the language culture. The festival also featured performances in national languages ​​“Ama kayăk çulĕpe” (Following the Traces of the First Bird), “Onaryn Kerdyzhe” (Onar’s Sword), “Almachuar” (Dapplegray Horse), “ Vedyava's Tricks”.

At the award ceremony, guests and participants of the theatrical forum were welcomed by the Minister of Culture for Nationalities and Archival Affairs of the Chuvash Republic - Konstantin Yakovlev. He presented 'Thanks' to the participants of the festival.

The festival resulted into the well-deserved awards - the performance “Once upon a time from Volga to Siberia” won in the nominations “Best Scenography” (Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Eduard Terekhov) and “Best Actor” (artist Konstantin Amuzinsky).


Congratulations to the production group of the play “Once upon a time from Volga to Siberia” on the successful performance at the festival in Cheboksary!